About Lightning Sports Racing

We are a group of passionate runners and race event managers. Over 15 combined years experience in race management and timing and over 20 years of experience in the IT field make us uniquely qualified to manage and/or time you next event. We have participated in over 30 marathons and numerous other running, triathlon and cycling events and provided event services for many more.  Give us a call at 706-225-9450 to discuss how Lightning Sports Racing can help make your next event a success.

Reggie Luther

Reggie is the owner of Lightning Sports Racing as well as co-owner of Big Dog Fleet in Columbus, GA. Reggie is also owner of TracSoft a Columbus based software and technology company. He has been a board member of the Columbus Roadrunners for over 15 years and is a past President. Reggie has been a committed runner for over 35 years and has competed in numerous running and triathlon races over those years.  He has served as director for many races in the Columbus area and helped start several races from the beginning including the Soldier Marathon. 

Carolee Luther

Carolee is the current President of the Columbus Roadrunners and very active as a race director for many races in Columbus. The membership of CRR has increased by over 500 runners since she took over as President. She has lead many runners over the years to reach their goals of becoming runners and improving their fitness. She has a passion to see more runners in Columbus and works at it daily. Carolee is also a dedicated runner and regularly finishes on the podium in her age group